Anti Tamper Tape Manufacturers,Security Seal Tapes are safety products that can be visually identify if a seal of the container or the package tempered. Void & Self-Destructible Security seals are widely used in Industry, Government and the Consumer World to detect Unauthorized Attempts.fita vazia, fita isolante

Our Features :-
  • Protects the Product Packages.
  • Cost effective system for theft protection.
  • Protects product duplication.
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We are highly experienced firm best known for the quality of our offered  Security Seal Tapes. These security tapes provides an Seals Anti Tamper Tapes for shipping cartons, pallets, letters, bags and many other containers. After applying the security tape, removal will cause the tape to self destruct, leaving words (OPENED, VOID, etc) on both the affixed surface and in the security tape. Or the tape may indicate tampering by showing mis-alignment or a broken seal. The tamper evident feature varies for each product.


  • Tear resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Self destructive on removal.
  • Protect your products & equipment.
  • Control access to shipping cartons, pallets, and other containers.
  • Indicates tempering or plifering.

We are leading manufacturer of high quality void tapes. Void tapes are using in various industries for security purpose. Void tapes used for much different application like theft prevention or detection, computer security, container, cartoon and boxes, and all your confidential information.

We are using quality polyester and an excellent acrylic pressure adhesive which is used for sealing high value products. We are design customize massage for specific requirement for costumer. Any kind of tampering or unauthorized opening of consignment of packaging can easily be identifies by use void tapes.

Tamper Tapes
Security Seal Tapes

Tamper evident security tape provides a security seal for delivery containers, beds, wooden boxes, envelopes, sacks, or different holders. In the wake of applying and when later evacuated, the security tape will indicate alter prove without anyone else destructing, leaving words (OPENED) on the bundle and in the security tape itself.

  • Protect your products & equipment.
  • Control access to delivery containers, beds, and different holders
  • Shows altering or appropriating

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